40 Technohull Ceca

The Explorer 40 is yet another dream brought to life: A day boat that combines thrilling rides and outstanding seakeeping capabilities, with a spacious deck and generous lounging areas.

In 40 feet that stay true to TECHNOHULL®’s high performance heritage and distinctive design, the extra space is what lies at the vessel’s design core.

Featuring a hidden, yet spacious, cabin under the center console, she boasts the sharp look and the dynamic shape of a genuine top performance boat, offering a range of 250+ NM and revitalizing speeds over 80 knots, this ultimate day boat is poised to perform and allow you enjoy the sea from a spot-on perspective.

Comfortable seating arrangements from bow to stern, crafted with the highest quality upholstery and stitching patterns, afford for distinct social areas and different day and night use.

The experience on board is further enhanced by the standard top quality entertainment system with JL speakers and amenities, such as a fridge and an espresso machine.